boutique soy candles


Gold Coast soy candles

A little bit about us....  we're a husband and wife team who both love making and creating and adore our lifestyle here on the Gold Coast.  

Lou has always had a love of style and design and has a passion for creating ambient spaces.  Candles have always been a constant in her life - she is super passionate about the way a candle can add to a space, enhance a gathering and help to create special moments.  After resigning from a career in the corporate sector Lou decided to turn her hand to something she was passionate about and so she began experimenting with candle making.   Like anything she does she gave it her all with an aim to create a beautiful scented candle with a clean, non-toxic burn, in fragrance blends that are strong enough to leave an impact but not synthetic smelling or too overpowering.  After testing her product at local markets she discovered that her customer base quickly grew and 'Drift' candles started to become known for their quality and signature blends.    

Paul is a qualified carpenter/joiner by trade with over 20 years of experience, and up until recently had been making custom pieces of timber furniture for private clients.  With increasing demand (on the candle front) from retailers and customers, Paul now works almost full time in their candle factory in Currumbin on the Gold Coast. 

We both work super hard (often 7 days a week) to product quality, hand poured scented soy candles with the knowledge that our candles are enjoyed in homes throughout Australia and beyond.

Thanks for reading about us - we love what we do and are grateful for people like you who take the time to listen to our story and support our product.


Paul & Lou xx