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ROOM SPRAY - 100ml
ROOM SPRAY - 100ml
ROOM SPRAY - 100ml
ROOM SPRAY - 100ml

ROOM SPRAY - 100ml

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Exciting news... your favourite 'Drift' aromas are now available in 100ml Room Sprays. A couple of generous sprays into a room can add an instant burst of freshness - perfect for the bathroom, bedroom or office.   

Replace your aerosol toilet spray with one of our 100ml Room Sprays - they're a heap better for the environment, smell 100 times nicer and tick all the boxes aesthetically.  Our picks for the bathroom are 'Bergamot + Cedar', 'Lemongrass + Sage' or 'The Hinterland'.

Our Room Sprays are currently available in the following blends:- Tangerine & Coconut and Coconut & Lime (our tropical faves), The Hinterland (our Australian Native blend - perfect for lovers of nature and the great outdoors), Bergamot & Cedar, Lemongrass & Sage and Nectarine & Mint (fresh, clean blends), Leather & Sandalwood and Cedarwood & Myrrh (smooth and earthy), The Byron Blend (perfect for lovers of the incense blend 'Nag Champa'), and two of our floral favourites, Lychee & Peony and Sweet Pea & Jasmine.

Please note that our sprays are oil based and therefore we recommend you avoid spraying onto clothing, windows or surfaces which may be damaged by the effects of oil. 

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.  Keep out of reach of children.  

Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous smell, long lasting and a little goes a long way. Absolutely perfect!

The BEST there is

Drift's products, including candles and room sprays, have an amazing scent that our customers love. Their great customer service and value as a family business make Drift a favourite of ours. Thank you We LOVE your store and products

Karen Campanelli
Room spray Tahitian lime absolutely gorgeous!!!

The smell is amazing!!!

Wendy Johnson
Love the room sprays

I love the room sprays my house smells great I use them everyday

Obsessed with Fig & Cassis!!!

Long lasting and smells AMAZING!!! On my 7th bottle.