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Freshwater Keshi Pearl Necklace
Freshwater Keshi Pearl Necklace

Freshwater Keshi Pearl Necklace

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The word keshi comes from keshinomi, the Japanese word for poppy seed. These are very unique pearls that can be hard to describe. They come in unique shapes and sizes but they are not baroque pearls. Sometimes they look bit flat, other times a bit fat and otherwise they can have an almost wavy like surface texture.

They are 100% pearl ~ all nacre and no nucleus.

The name keshi originated in Japan to specifically describe small pearls formed by loose tissue in akoya oysters. Akoya oysters are small, the pearls they produce are in the 5mm – 8mm range, so the keshis were even smaller, sometimes minuscule, just like a poppy seed! Nowadays, the term keshi has a broader meaning.

The term still describes the pearls produced by loose tissue pieces and lacking a nucleus, but keshis can be a variety of sizes and come from any mollusk, not just akoyas!

Keshis are absolutely stunning pearls, different and unique ~ they are full of texture and have a great range of tones. Essentially, keshis are unique pearls with all nacre!

They possess all of the gorgeous pearl making material and nothing else! No nucleus, bead or shape!

... so layer your keshi pearls or let them make a statement all of their own.