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Remodelista - The Organised Home
Remodelista - The Organised Home
Remodelista - The Organised Home

Remodelista - The Organised Home

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How did this book come about? Like you, we aspire to sanity and order in our daily lives, and strive to pare down, put away, and purchase thoughtfully. We’re always on the lookout for new strategies for staying organized and on track (it’s our day job here at Remodelista, after all), so we’ve rounded up our best ideas in this tidy, compact volume. Our approach to solving storage woes doesn’t involve sacrificing style or living a possession-free, monastic life. But we do believe in better living through organization. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find inside:

  • How to Stay Organized: The seven daily habits to adopt now.
  • Insider Trade Secrets: Storage tactics from boat builders, kindergarten teachers, hoteliers, and other pros.
  • Inviting Entries, Large and Minuscule
  • The Kitchen Inventory: What You Need and What You Don’t 
  • Simple, Presentable Storage for the Bath
  • The Secret to an Orderly Closet (Hint: tools from the office come in handy.)
  • Workspace 101: The disappearing desk and other setups.
  • DIY Cord Control 
  • Alternatives to Plastic for Every Room
  • Donate, Sell, Swap: How and where to get rid of  unwanted stuff.