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Nourished Skincare : Dead Sea Mud Mask - Face, Bump and Body

Nourished Skincare : Dead Sea Mud Mask - Face, Bump and Body

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We know exactly what its like - being pregnant and as time goes by, everything begins to ache, you feel swollen, tired from not sleeping well or generally uncomfortable. Then your beautiful baby is born and it's the late nights hushing baby to sleep, early morning wake up's, or just general baby all-encompassing days. And although you wouldn't trade it for the world, we know you are dying for some self pampering time!

Beautiful, rich Dead Sea Mud face and body mask will assist in revitalizing tired skin. This softening cleanse will reduce oiliness and bring tired skin back to life.

Nourished uses Dead Sea mud that comes straight from Israell. This 100% pure mud has the highest salt content of anywhere on Earth, and is packed full of wonderful minerals our skin needs, like magnesium, calcium and iron. As a result of the saline conditions, an abundance of essential minerals can be found in the area that has been widely accepted to possess a number of restorative effects on the human body — particularly for the skin.

100% natural, with Vanilla bean extract for that delicious smell, and Apricot Kernel Oil for a touch more pampering.

Use it on your face, bump or body.

Did you know? Dubbed the world’s first spa, Queen Sheba and Cleopatra are said to have used the Dead Sea mud’s natural healing properties to get that youthful glow. From Royals to Tourists, thousands travel every year to get their own spa treatment in the magical waters to cover themselves in the healing mud. Luckily for you, now you don't have to travel any further then your own bathroom!

Ingredients: Pure Dead Sea Mud; Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot Kernel) Oil; Pure Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla Bean) extract