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Mother's Day Blend -'White Tea & Jasmine'
Mother's Day Blend -'White Tea & Jasmine'
Mother's Day Blend -'White Tea & Jasmine'

Mother's Day Blend -'White Tea & Jasmine'

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'White Tea & Jasmine' is an elegant blend that has a soft sweetness with floral undertones... it feels luxurious and decadent... the aroma that greets you as you walk into the foyer of a high end hotel or day spa.  This aroma is just beautiful... much like our mummas.

Available in the following candle sizes:-

  • Medium Amber - 150g/25hrs: $19.95
  • Large White (with Timber Lid) - 250g/50hrs: $39.95
  • Extra Large (double wick) Amber Farhmhouse - 435g/70hrs: $44.95

Also available in our Large Travel Tins as part of our Curated Sampler Box (choose any three blends) or can be purchased in conjunction with our Ceramic Candle Holder.

Please follow the below 'Candle Care' instructions to ensure you get the best out of your candle and to encourage a safe candle burning experience.

Always allow melted wax to reach the sides of the vessel for the first burn. This creates a 'burn memory' which will prevent your candle from tunneling and creates an even burn ensuring you get the maximum burn time out of your candle.

Ensure you trim your wick/s to a maximum of 5mm before relighting each time.  This is super IMPORTANT as it will reduce any smoke & 'mushrooming' of the wick encouraging a longer burn time.

Travel Tins, Mini & Medium Ambers: maximum burn time of 2 hours each time
Large White & Xlge Amber (double wick): maximum burn time of 3 hours each time. 
IMPORTANT: Once the wax reaches half way down your vessel, carefully monitor the burn time and extinguish the flame after 1 hour.  It is particularly important to monitor the Xlge (double wick) candles to ensure the wicks do not drift off centre.  

- ALWAYS place candle on an even surface
- NEVER leave a burning candle unattended
- ALWAYS leave 1-1.5cm of wax remaining at the bottom of the vessel