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Moonology 2022 Diary
Moonology 2022 Diary
Moonology 2022 Diary
Moonology 2022 Diary

Moonology 2022 Diary

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Following the success of her bestselling book Moonology and previous Moonology diaries, Yasmin Boland has created this beautiful diary to help you work with each lunar cycle in 2022.

This year promises to be a transformative one, and Moonology Diary 2022 provides you with everything you need to create, plan and predict any event or change in your life. With this diary, you can:

• Learn how to attune to the energies of key events in each lunar cycle

• Keep track of how the Moon can influence appointments and events in your diary

• Understand the importance of New Moon wishing and Full Moon forgiveness

• Work with the Moon to unleash the power you were born with

• Write down your wishes and watch as they manifest throughout the year!

Each month brings different lunar energies, and when you know what to expect, you can take time to prepare. With Moonology Diary 2022 as your guide, you can tackle any challenge, embrace new opportunities and manifest the life of your dreams!

Yasmin says: "In my MOONOLOGY DIARY 2022 I show you how to tap into the 2022 energies in the most useful, healthy and conscious way possible. You will learn how to use the energies in a constructive way that leads you towards your dream life. The Moon will help you remember your natural powers. You always had these powers - they were taken away by life and stress and years of effort by people with a vested interest in doing that." 

THE MOONOLOGY DIARY 2022 is the most-loved daily Moon Manifesting guide in the world and will help you to reclaim your powers.