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Amethyst Crystal Cluster

Amethyst Crystal Cluster

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Amethyst is a member of the quartz family, and considered a master healer.

Amethyst makes an excellent ornament for the home or office, it helps make the space feel clean and calm by picking up and clearing any negative thoughts that are emitted. Those in the viscinity will feel less stressed and should be able to work for longer periods of time.

Amethyst is an extremely soothing stone, and is good for letting go of unhealthy thought or behaviour patterns. It is powerfully healing and cleansing.

It is helpful in assisting sleep and relieving headaches, strengthens the endocrine and immune systems, acts as a pain reliever, and is a good all-round healing crystal.

Amethyst is extremely relaxing and helps calm the mind, thus relieving stress, and can be used by anyone who is feeling down or generally low.